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Differentials, Epilogue

Part Two

“You gonna get that?” Jensen murmurs against Jared’s mouth as the home phone rings obnoxiously, echoing through the house.

“Nah,” Jared says. “I’m busy.”

“Good answer,” says Jensen, and Jared hooks his leg around Jensen’s waist so he can pull Jensen more firmly on top of him. He likes Jensen like this, a solid weight on him, pressing him into his bed. He ruts shamelessly up against Jensen, moaning quietly into Jensen’s mouth at the friction, and Jensen responds by nibbling on Jared’s lower lip playfully, grinning as best he can. Jared takes the opportunity to move his mouth from Jensen’s lips down Jensen’s throat, focusing on the sensitive spot that never fails to make Jensen shiver.

All of a sudden, Jared’s mom’s voice pierces the silence, calling out, and Jensen tumbles off of the bed in his haste to get away. Jared groans and throws his head back as Jensen gets up and runs a hand through his mussed hair.

“The door’s locked, you know,” Jared says peevishly. “She can’t get in.”

“Sorry--I’m sorry,” Jensen says. “I just--”

“I get it. You’re not ready.” Jared wants to be understanding--really, he does. For the most part, the last seven months have been pretty awesome, and not only because he’s finally started having sex. But at the same time, it’s been over half of a year and no one but Jared and Jensen know that there’s an actual Jared and Jensen.

“I’m trying here,” Jensen starts, but Jared’s heard this speech about a jillion times. Pretty much whenever they almost get caught making out or, once, memorably, when Jared’s hand was down Jensen’s pants. Jensen barely let Jared touch him for a week after that.

“It’s okay,” Jared sighs, and when Jensen opens his mouth defensively, he says, “Really, it is. We’re okay. I can wait. Just, I don’t know. I want to be able to tell my mom why I’m so happy, you know? She won’t care. Your parents won’t care. I don’t know what you’re so scared about.”

“You can’t know that for sure,” Jensen says, but he comes over to sit next to Jared on the bed anyways.

“I guess,” Jared says dubiously. “But even if they throw you out, I’ll still be here. I promise.”

“You’ll be my sugar daddy?” Jensen teases weakly. “‘Cause I gotta tell you, this sweet ass doesn’t come cheap.”

“I take it back,” says Jared dead-pan. “Definitely leaving you. I just can’t afford to keep you in the opulence you deserve, baby.”

“Shut up,” Jensen laughs, pushing Jared’s shoulder.

“Let’s do something tonight,” Jared says suddenly.

“Can’t,” Jensen says apologetically. “I told Tom I’d hang out with him.”

“Tomorrow, then,” Jared prods. “I’m bored.”

“Movie?” Jensen asks hopefully. “You can pick.”

“South Park?” Jared confirms, and Jensen smiles widely.

“Um, duh,” he says.

“Sounds good,” says Jared, sitting up and kissing Jensen lightly on the lips.


Jensen’s been distracted and distant all week, and Jared’s honestly getting a little worried. They saw the South Park movie last Friday but Jensen had been completely out of it when they left the theater, lost in thought, and even Jared repeating the funny lines in his best Cartman impression had done little more than illicit a weak laugh.

“And then Megan grew tentacles and began eating crawfish,” Jared ends irritably, shooting a sidelong glance at Jensen.

“Really? Wow,” Jensen says, obviously not listening to a word that Jared’s been saying.

“No, not really, Jensen!” Jared exclaims. “Did you even hear anything I just said?”

“Yeah, I did!” Jensen defends. “Megan dragged you to the mall!”

“And?” Jared prompts.

“Um,” Jensen stalls. “Tentacles? Sorry, man. I was thinking about something else. Didn’t mean to tune you out.”

“Seriously, what is up with you?” Jared asks. “You’ve been weird all week.”

“Nothing,” Jensen s ays. “Just thinking about something. Don’t worry about it.”

“Something bad?” Jared asks.

“Nah,” Jensen says flippantly. “It’s nothing to be freaked out. I promise.”

“Okay,” says Jared hesitantly. “You can talk to me, you know. If you need to.”

“Stop being such a girl,” Jensen says. “I’m fine.”

“Eat me,” Jared says.

“Maybe later.” Jensen smirks and then ruffles Jared’s hair like he’s six again. “Hey, you should stay the weekend. My parents are going to visit my Aunt Barb in Houston so they won’t be around. Mac’s going too.”

“Oh?” Jared asks, smiling. “Yeah, dude, sounds great.”

“Good,” Jensen says, nodding decisively as though Jared’s agreed to something much more important than a weekend that’ll presumably be full of lots of sex.

When Jared comes over the next day, Jensen’s not exactly alone in the house as expected. Danneel is spread out on Jensen’s L-shaped leather sofa, sitting as though she owns it while watching Indiana Jones absently on Jensen’s big TV.

“Don’t ask me,” Jensen says, giving Jared a slightly apologetic look. “She just showed up about an hour ago and decided to steal my couch and watch crappy TV.”

“Indiana Jones is a classic,” Danneel says. “Don’t rag on me because you have shit taste in movies, Ackles. Hey, Jared.”

“Hi, Danny,” Jared returns, feeling slightly disappointed. He hopes that she doesn’t stick around all night because he has very definite plans that will absolutely not take place with her anywhere in the house. Jensen sits down on the half of the couch that Danny’s not occupying, and Jared sits next to him, careful to not be so close.

“Seriously,” Jensen says. “It’s my TV. Gimme the remote.”

“I’m your guest,” Danneel says loftily. “I get to decide what we’re watching. It’s only polite.”

“Bull,” Jensen grumbles, but he leans back anyways, abandoning his battle for control over the channel. “You weren’t invited--you just showed up. Guest my ass.”

“Ladies first then,” she says. Secretly Jared’s glad, because he really likes Temple of Doom even though Jensen thinks it’s a travesty when compared to Raiders. “I want to see them eat the snakes,” she continues.

“Whatever,” Jensen says, and they watch the movie for the next half an hour in relative silence, interrupting only to rag on the truly annoying leading chick. The temple guys have just removed the slave’s heart when Jared’s stomach gives an impressive grumble.

“I’m starving,” he complains. “Jen, what do you have to eat around here?”

“Mom left about twenty frozen pizzas,” Jensen says. “She doesn’t think I can feed myself without her help. Make one if you want.”

“Yeah, sounds good,” Jared says, getting up and stretching before he goes to Jensen’s kitchen, opening the freezer. He makes short work of the pizza, unwrapping it from the box and sticking it on an ancient cookie tin before shoving everything in the oven. Timer set, he returns to the couch having only missed a couple minutes of the movie. He settles back in allowing his hand to brush Jensen’s after he sits down, and they’re quiet until the pizza’s ready

They eat in front of the television, forgoing plates for napkins, and sharing a two-liter between them, which may be kind of gross, but they don’t really care. Danneel starts checking her watch every two minutes by seven thirty, and Jared’s wondering what’s so important.

“Hot date?” Jensen asks her, balling his napkin up and tossing it absentmindedly into the little trash can next to the coffee table.

“Maybe, maybe not,” says Danneel airily. “I need to leave soon though.”

“Totally a date,” Jensen says. “I can tell. You’re so nervous.”

“Who with?” Jared asks.

Danneel blushes pink and starts shredding her napkin into little scraps of paper. “You don’t know him,” she says. “He goes to a Catholic school.”

“Looks like someone’s got a crush,” Jensen teases.

“Shut up,” she says, going redder still. “He works in the restaurant with me, and he’s really nice!”

“Did you hear that, Jared?” Jensen says. “He’s nice.”

“Hope he’s not too nice,” Jared says. “I don’t know if Danny’s ready to be a mom yet.”

“Shut up,” Danneel screeches, lobbing a throw pillow in their general direction. “It’s our first date. We’re just gonna go see a movie when he gets off work.”

“Are you gonna let him see more than that?” Jensen asks salaciously.

“I will kick you in the balls,” Danneel declares, holding her fist up. “Don’t think I won’t.”

“Calm down,” Jensen says. “I’m already joking. You just haven’t gone on a date in forever. I was surprised.”

“I really like him,” she says, looking down in her lap. “But speaking of which, I’m not the only one in a dry spell here, Jensen. When’s the last time you took someone out, hmm? Don’t throw stones in a glass house.”

“Who says I haven’t been dating?” Jensen asks breezily, but Jared can hear the undercurrent of tension in his voice.

“Please,” Danneel scoffs. “Cindy Sampson’s been throwing herself at you since January, and she’s smoking, and you haven’t done anything about her.”

“Maybe I like someone else,” Jensen says softly, and Jared’s breath catches in his throat, because for the last seven months, all Jensen’s done whenever someone’s even alluded to the fact that Jensen might be in a relationship is deny, deny, deny.

“Oh?” Danneel says curiously. “Do tell, Jen! I can’t believe you’ve been keeping such juicy gossip from me. You’re such a bitch.” Jensen looks sideways at Jared, and Danneel groans.

“Don’t tell me that Jared knows and I don’t,” she says. “That’s totally not fair! You two weren’t even talking seven months ago, but now he knows things before I do? That hurts, Ackles. I thought we were closer than that.”

“Jared’s not a blabbermouth like you are,” Jensen says, and Jared can hear the hesitation in his voice.

“I would never!” she says. “You gotta tell me now. Who’s the lucky girl, huh?’

Jensen’s quiet for a long moment, and Danneel actually scoots to the very edge of the seat, looking at Jensen expectantly. Jared’s heart is going about a million miles per hour.

“Careful, Danny,” Jensen says, and his voice is trembling imperceptibly. “I don’t think Jared likes being called a girl. He might get angry.”

The silence is heavy and ringing, and Jared’s mouth is completely open in shock because this is the first time that Jensen’s ever acknowledged that they’re anything more than friends to someone who’s not explicitly Jared.

Danneel laughs then, quick and light. “Oh, c’mon,” she says. “Stop stalling. I won’t tell, I promise.”

“Um,” Jensen says, “not lying. Me and Jared--we’ve kinda been dating? For a while?”

Danneel looks between the two of them in quick succession, taking in Jared’s gob-smacked expression and Jensen’s stained cheeks before her mouth drops open in a pantomime of Jared’s previous shock.

“Bullshit,” she says. “Bullshit. You mean to tell me that you and Jared? Dating?”

“Yeah,” says Jensen quietly.

“How long?” Danny says, clearly completely taken off guard.

“Um, seven months?” Jared interjects when Jensen doesn’t say anything at first. “Give or take.”

“I cannot believe you two!” Danny says. “And you never told me? I hate you!” She leans over so she can smack Jared and then Jensen on the arm, hard. “You guys suck!”

“Sorry?” Jared offers.

“I shoulda known,” Danneel groans. “Don’t tell me this is why you two were fighting? You were upset about your love affair? Jesus, you two are so gay! I can’t believe I didn’t guess.”

“You’re not mad?” Jensen asks in a small voice.

“I’m furious!” she says but she’s smiling widely. “You can’t keep shit like this from me again, Ackles! What did you think I’d do, send you to get-straight camp? You’re such a loser! God, I shoulda known! You never stare at Cindy’s boobs like Mike does. I thought it was just because you were more polite than that! Didn’t think it was because you have a hard-on for dick.”

Jensen chokes on his own spit. “Danny!” he says. “Jesus!”

“Calm down, homo,” she says, still grinning. “God, does this make me the Grace to your Will and Jack? Please say yes.”

“If you want,” Jensen offers, even though it's clear he doesn't get the reference, and he gives Danneel a small smile in return. Something in Jared’s chest goes buoyant and he feels like he could float away.

Danneel’s clock starts beeping then, and she swears. “Jerk,” she accuses. “You did that on purpose because you knew I had to leave! You’re such a pussy, Ackles. Don’t think I’m not gonna grill you guys later.”

“Careful with your boyfriend,” Jared says. “You know, teenage pregnancy is one hundred percent preventable.”

“My foot, your balls,” says Danneel threateningly, standing up to leave. “I’m coming back tomorrow, and you’re going to tell me everything, understand?”

“Okay,” Jensen agrees, and he looks so relieved, Jared would think that he’d been preparing for World War III.

“I can let myself out,” she says. “You two behave. Don’t have too much crazy monkey sex. I want to be able to look you in the eyes tomorrow.” Jensen chokes on nothing again, and Danny leaves, laughing evilly all the way to the door. She’s barely left before Jared launches himself across the couch, catching Jensen’s lips in a kiss before pulling back.

“You didn’t need to do that,” he says, smiling.

“I know it bothers you,” Jensen explains. “I thought, maybe we could start small?”

“Best boyfriend ever,” Jared says, kissing Jensen again. They sit on the couch, making out until Jared’s neck is sore and his lips tingle. Jensen’s eyes are delightfully out of focus when Jared pulls apart gently, and Jared feels a tingle run down his spine.

“Bedroom?” Jensen says.

“Fuck yeah,” Jared gasps as Jensen kisses his neck. “What’re we waiting for?”

Jensen pulls Jared to his feet and they spend a couple of minutes kissing in the middle of Jensen’s living room before they get the presence of mind to start moving upstairs. It takes a couple of minutes before they even get into Jensen’s room because they keep stopping to kiss. Jared gooses Jensen’s ass and Jensen laughs breathlessly before pushing Jared down onto his bed.

Jared lies languidly, letting Jensen kiss him softly, gently, before tilting his head upwards to let Jensen have access to his neck. He trails his hands down Jensen’s back, worming them beneath his shirt to get at bare skin. Shivering when Jensen latches his mouth onto a particularly sensitive spot, Jared arches into Jensen’s space, fitting their hips together. He lets Jensen rock against him mindlessly for a couple of minutes, his dick hardening against the friction of Jensen’s pelvis.

“C’me here,” Jared says, pulling Jensen’s head up so they can kiss properly. Jared sucks on Jensen’s tongue, making little noises in the back of his throat.

“Off,” Jensen mutters, pulling at Jared’s shirt. Jared immediately sits up so Jensen can help him pull it over his head, and Jensen flings it somewhere over towards his desk as Jared begin to yank at Jensen’s clothes. Jensen immediately drops his mouth to Jared’s chest as soon as he’s divested of his shirt, and Jared starts making incoherent moans as Jensen lightly sucks on one of his nipples. He can feel his cock pressing against the zipper of his jeans, and he wants everything off so he can be skin-to-skin with Jensen.

Jensen is either really good at deciphering Jared’s sex noises or is as ready for things to get going as Jared is because he sits up enough to get access to Jared’s pants, popping the zipper and pulling it down. Jared lifts his hips so Jensen can pull the pants off, and Jensen yanks Jared’s boxers down with them. Jared finds it incredibly hot being naked when Jensen is still partially clothed, but he starts pulling on the waistband of Jensen’s jeans until he gets the picture and strips too. Jensen lets himself fall down on top of Jared again, kissing him.

Jared’s cock is hard and leaking, and he begins to thrust mindlessly into the cut of Jensen’s hip. Jensen makes a soft noise of approval, and he shifts up, squirming a hand down and moving until he can get a grip on both his cock and Jared’s.

“Yeah, so good,” Jared says as Jensen begins to pump his hand slowly up and down.

“Like that?” Jensen asks breathlessly.

“Like you,” Jared says, bucking up as Jensen squeezes lightly. Suddenly Jensen’s hand is gone and so is the rest of him, leaning over to the right so he can rummage in his nightstand. Jared understandably whines at the loss of contact, but he knows where this is going, and he squirms in anticipation.

“Gonna fuck me, Jen?” he asks, barely resisting the urge to fist his own cock to relieve some of the pressure.

Jensen’s back all of a sudden, and Jared hears the lube and condom drop from his hand onto the bed. Jensen kisses him slow and dirty, thrusting his tongue into Jared’s mouth, and Jared is ready. They haven’t been doing this--this whole actual sex thing-- for very long, and even though Jared’s always been on the bottom, it’s always been perfectly awesome.

“C’mon, Jen,” Jared gasps. “Not gonna last if you keep doing this. Get in me.”

“Um,” Jensen says, sitting up, and Jared practically growls.

“What? Let’s go.”

“Maybe you can do me today?” Jensen asks quietly. “I think--I think that’s a good idea, yeah?” Jared’s heart skips a beat, and he pulls himself onto his elbows.

“You sure?” he says, ignoring his body’s plea to get things going. “We don’t have to. I mean, I’m fine with how things have been.”

“I’m sure,” Jensen says, and he picks up the lube and presses it into Jared’s hands before flipping over onto his back.

“Okay,” says Jared uselessly, and he feels light and happy and perfect. Straddling Jensen’s thighs, he picks up the lube and awkwardly pops the cap, feeling it squish unpleasantly onto his fingers. He pulls at Jensen’s hips until Jensen moves into a workable position, and his cock throbs at the sight.

“Let me know if it’s too much,” Jared says, cautiously circling one finger around Jensen’s hole. He’s never done this before, and he can’t decide if he’s incredibly nervous or extremely turned on. Pressing his finger in, he feels Jensen start to pull away before catching himself and taking a deep breath.

“Good?” Jared asks.

“Weird,” Jensen says. Jared presses further in, reveling in how strange it is. He finds the knot of nerves he’s looking for and presses it softly. Jensen hisses and his cock blurts precome onto his stomach. Jared spends a couple moments just stroking that spot, feeling Jensen fall apart under his hands. He pulls his finger out and lubes up again, pressing two in this time. Jensen makes another noise, part surprise and part pain, as Jared slowly begins to work him open, paying attention to Jensen’s prostate as he does so. Jared’s not entirely sure how to do this since he’s only ever had it done to him, but he figures he’s okay when Jensen’s fingernails stop digging half-moon crescents into his arm. Jared’s wrist is sore by the time he pulls his fingers out again.

It takes longer for Jensen to relax when Jared has three fingers inside of him, but eventually he starts shifting downwards, moving so he takes Jared’s fingers further inside on his own. Jared’s stomach clenches at the feeling of Jensen thrusting against his hand, and he almost spontaneously comes apart right then.

“I’m ready,” Jensen says. “Ready, c’mon.”

“Okay,” Jared grunts, pulling his fingers out. Jensen keens at the empty feeling, and Jared immediately rips open the condom and slides it on his dick, not able to resist from pumping his hand twice before pulling it away.

“You gotta let me know if something’s wrong,” Jared says. “Never done this before.”

“Okay,” Jensen say. “Please.” Jared presses in slowly, feeling Jensen around his cock like a vice. His hands scrabble at the sheets because Jesus Christ, this feels so good. He’s moving as slow as he can, and Jensen’s making these little oh noises beneath him, and Jared can’t immediately tell if they’re good or not.

After an agonizing amount of time, Jared bottoms out, his chest covered in a fine sheen of sweat. “Don’t move,” Jensen says, his eyes clenched shut.

“Okay,” Jared says, but it’s so hard, and he wants to move so badly. Every molecule of his body is singing for him to start thrusting but Jensen is as taught as a bow underneath him, so he forces himself to wait. Gradually Jensen relaxes, and Jared can tell that it still hurts.

“Move,” Jensen says finally, and Jared starts a faltering rhythm. It’s hard to get into at first because he doesn’t know what to do, but eventually Jensen starts moving with him, and it works, and oh, my God, Jared is actually fucking Jensen, and it’s too big for words.

“Gonna,” Jared says after a few short minutes, and he’d be embarrassed but there’s no way he can hold out any longer. Jensen makes a protesting sound and starts stripping his own cock, pulling at it. All Jared can hear is the blood rushing in his ears and the pornographic noises of their bodies slapping together, and he can’t help it. He arches his back and comes and comes, Jensen all around him and beneath him. He collapses and Jensen’s still hard against his belly, so he moves enough to get his hand between them and slickly pump Jensen until he’s crying out and coming, splattering semen onto Jared’s belly.

Out of breath, Jared slowly pulls out and disposes of the condom, flopping against Jensen.

“I love you,” he says, staring at the window.

“Only ‘cause I put out,” says Jensen, but Jared can hear the smile in his voice. Jared’s ready to pass out until he’s ready for round two, and he rolls onto his side and burrows into Jensen’s space.

“You good?” he asks, making sure that he hasn’t done anything monumentally wrong.

“Yeah,” Jensen says. “Yeah, I’m great.”

“Good,” Jared says, grinning into Jensen’s shoulder. He’s about to drift off when he hears Jensen speak again.

“Jared? I was maybe thinking we could start telling people about us? If that’s okay?”

Jared doesn’t think he’s been this happy since his sixth Christmas. “Yeah, Jensen,” he confirms. “That’s okay.” He flings an arm around Jensen’s middle, ignoring the mumbled complaints of cuddling freaks of nature, and allows himself to fall asleep, knowing that when he wakes up, Jensen’ll still be there.

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