kerfuffling (kerfuffling) wrote,

An Exercise in Insanity: Masterpost

Author: kerfuffling
Title: An Exercise in Insanity
Rating: NC-17
Word Count 17.6k
Warning(s): stepfather/stepson relationship, homophobia, mentions of abortion, underage drinking (but no underage sexing), Chad
Summary: Somewhere along the line, Jared went crazy and fell in love with Jensen, which is pretty much the stupidest thing to do, considering Jensen is Jared's stepfather
Notes: Written for stolen_voices, who was absolutely amazing enough to bid for a fic from me to help out with fandom charity work for Hurricane Sandy. A super-special thanks to brokenhighways for the amazing beta job!

Link Part One
Link Part Two

A03 Version
Tags: fic!, pairing: j2 rps

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