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Kingdom Come: Masterpost
Title: Kingdom Come
Author: kerfuffling
Artist: scarletscarlet
Genre: Wincest curtain!fic, mpreg
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Word count: 20.6k
Warnings: usage of a woman in a vaguely antagonistic way, domestic violence (not with Sam or Dean) and mpreg
Author's Notes: A thank you to the mods of the SD MiniBang challenge and to my friend, Snoofie, who did the first read-through. And absolutely, the hugest thanks to my pinch-hitter artist scarletscarlet who made absolutely gorgeous art in a short amount of time AND was gracious enough to help with beta-ing to get to the finished project. This fic would be a lot worse without her ;)

Summary: After getting knocked up in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, this time should be easier. Instead of wayward Gods, Leviathans, and running for his life, all Sam has to deal with is his suburban life, and there isn't much of a challenge there. Well, okay, maybe his daughter has formed an unhealthy bond with the family dog, and maybe Dean's best friend should butt out and find someone else to pine after. And sure, Sam still has to deal with the fact that he's a pregnant guy, which is pretty much the crappiest situation ever. So perhaps things aren't quite as peachy-keen as he thought they were. Featuring Chester the dog, Reagan, the psychotic tomboy daughter, Mona, the best friend with not-so-good intentions, and in the middle of it, Sam and Dean trying to figure out how they fit together in this whole screwed-up scenario.

A sequel to my 2012 big-bang, linked Link Here!

Link Part One
Link Part Two
Link Part Three

AO3 Version

Link to Art Masterpost: Link Here!

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Such a lovely mention in your notes, so kind! And thank you for making it so easy to pick up the project and get going with it quickly :). And yay for posting!

you totally deserve the accolade :D you went above and beyond!

WOOT WOOT , Really enjoyed this, especially the "voices" you have created for Sam & Dean - you nailed them perfect !!!

p.s. any chance that I can get a PDf of this to match "In the Name of the Father,the Son,and the Zombie Spirit."


ooh thanks! i'm glad that you liked how i wrote them!

(and no PDF as of now...because I don't know how to make them. maybe someone will be awesome like last time, but i dunno. sorry :( i can put it on A03 if that helps?)

That would be awesome if you put it on AO3 !!

Thanks for the AO3 link!
I can't wait to read this sequel! I loved the previous fic, however like I said, mpreg usually not my cup of tea. :-)

well, i hope this one works for you! i've replaced zombies with domesticity, so who knows! enjoy :)

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