October 4th, 2011

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j2_lks - Second round!

So, somehow, I made it through to the third round of j2_lks, which is just the best way to start my week, even if it did mean that someone got kicked off :( Everyone has been writing such good stories!! I'll post mine in my journal, of course, but you should go here! and here!! for the rest of the awesome, awesome entries!!! And be sure to congratulate bewaretheides15 who wrote the gorgeously creative Resistance (is Futile) which won this week!

And here is my submission :)

Author: kerfuffling
Title: (Lie Back and) Think of the Queen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count 1800
Warning(s): None besides the obvious
Summary: Jared never expected his ass to become the star of the show when he and Jensen find themselves trapped in a cave on an alien world.
Notes: Beta'ed by flawlessglitch who was absolutely excellent :)

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