August 8th, 2011

ramble ramble

Useless post is useless, but cock socks made my day awesome. That and Jared calling Gen baby and telling the train story at Boston 'con, because omigod. Speaking of cons, is anyone out there going to the Chicago con this October? Because I am, and since I bought a photo op with Jared and Jensen for my friend and I for her birthday, I will probably spend the entire weekend drunk out of sheer terror. And I'm more fun when I'm drunk! So if you'll be there, you should say so and we can meet, and I'll be nice and grabby and inappropriately loud.

Also, two fics to be posted this month, so any of you out there (anyone? anyone? Bueller?) stay away! (Only don't because if you actually read them and comment, I will worship you forever!!!)

I'm about 13,000 miles from home in Brazil and I drank some sort of liquor out of a cowboy boot shot glass tonight, so I apologize for wasting your time!