May 10th, 2011

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Obligatory Big Bang Summary Reveal!!

So I got my SPN Sam/Dean Big Bang in on time, which I knew I was going to do since I finished it in March *g*. No idea what will happen with my Harry/Draco big bang, but I think that one's almost done too, so yay!

Of course, now I just gotta make them readable, since I wrote them in 1000 word increments over the span of a couple of months, which means that they probably lack in continuity *facepalm*


The lovely, lovely helenorvana was kind enough to claim my fic! I'm so, so excited for the collaboration :)

Without further rambling, here's my summary:

Title: Consequentiality
Summary: When the wall crumbles for good, Sam loses all touch on reality, and Dean soon follows suit. Without any other options, Dean consults Castiel, who proposes an extreme solution: soul bondage. And although this is probably the worst plan in a line of really terrible ideas, Dean doesn't even hesitate, and the consequences of his actions spin out of control. Even as Sam and Dean begin to deal with their forced proximity and the even more disastrous emotional effect of their bond, a group of demons begin to promote anarchy in a little town in Nevada.

OH! And Show is still awesome, and I am very amused! Except whenever Carry on My Wayward Son comes on my shuffle, I get very, very nervous. It's that time of year.

...And for your special amusement: here are some pictures I ganked :)