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shit, too much vodka

Soo, it's Saturday night. And I'm drunk. And I wrote fic while fucked up, because I'm fucking weird like that, and also because I'm watching Supernatural, and there's no way I can't think of porn when I'm watching unresolved incestual sexual tension like this.

SO HERE WE GO. And yes, I am still fucking trashed.

Title: Fucked Like That
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP, Barebacking, voyeurism, public sex, handsy Jared, written while I was drunk. You know the drill.
Summary: Jensen's fucking trashed and horny as hell. Good thing Jared has no inhibitions whatsoever.

Jensen had drunk so much vodka that night, he was unsure of what was up and what was down. There was a languid buzz running through him, making his head fuzzy and heavy, and he was feeling fucking perfect. A steady thrum of alcohol was running through his veins and he was horny, so ready for something that he almost couldn’t stand it.

There were plenty of people milling around him, drinking pink cocktails and talking loudly, but Jensen didn’t pay any attention. He had come with one person, and that was the man he was going home with. He took another generous drink of alcohol, feeling the bitter tang of it at the back of his throat and scanned the room for his partner.

Jared was weaving his way through the dance floor, not grinding with anyone, because he knew Jensen was his and the ownership went both ways. Jared never could dance very well, but the sight of him, hot and sweaty and fluidly moving through the sea of bodies, was enough to making Jensen half-hard in his jeans.

Jensen was too drunk to do anything but languidly stroke his hard on through the denim, feeling the delightful friction of it, but he couldn’t take his eyes off of the hollow of Jared’s throat. He wasn’t sober enough to make a conscious decision, but he did decide to slide off of his chair and across the dance floor.

Jared didn’t even pretend to be surprised when Jensen sidled up next to him, tucking himself under the crook of Jared’s chin and pulling his body as close as possible. Smiling knowingly, Jared just slid his hands down Jensen’s sides, pausing at the bone of Jensen’s hips, and pulled him just close enough to start a steady bump and grind, which did nothing to help Jensen’s hard-on.

Jared was obviously trashed too, enough Jose in him to make his head loll and he was spilling the dirtiest things that Jensen had every heard.

“You like that, baby?” Jared said, practically purring into the shell of Jensen’s ear. “You like my dick, huh?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions,” Jensen gasped, pushing his hard-on against the flex of Jared’s muscle.

“You do, don’t you?” Jared asked, as if he hadn’t heard Jensen’s reply. “I can feeling you leaking.”

“I doubt that,” Jensen murmured, playing right into Jared’s game. He thought he was getting the upper-hand.

He was wrong.

Jared didn’t even give Jensen a warning before his huge, warm hand was snaking its way into Jensen’s pants, pulling down the zipper and sliding past Jensen’s underwear.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” Jared panted, his breath hot and wet against Jensen’s neck.

“Not here,” Jensen moaned, thrusting his hips wantonly into Jared, feeling his cock slide heavy through Jared’s grip. “Too many people.”

“They all want you, you know,” Jared said, still breathless, still jerking Jensen wetly. “They want to see you fucked. Right here.”

“No,” Jensen protested, but his cock blurted a dribble of precome that Jared promptly spread with his fingers, sliding stickily along Jensen’s skin.

“You want it too,” Jared said. “You want my dick in you. You want it so deep that you choke on it.”

“Don’t,” Jensen said, pushing harder into Jared’s grip, but what he really means is yes.

“You would let me,” Jared said, using his free hand to seize Jensen’s thigh and pull it more tightly against his groin.

“No,” Jensen said again, but it was weak and Jared knew it.

Before Jensen could process it, before he even knew anything was even happening, Jared was pulling him towards the back wall, pushing through the warm wall of bodies until Jensen could feel brick against his back.

Jensen was still too fucked up to know what was happening apart from the superficial, so he didn’t do anything but open his mouth against Jared’s pulse point and drag his tongue across the skin there.

Jared moaned, low in his throat, and didn’t even hesitate before he pulled at Jensen’s knee, and Jensen didn’t need the hint. He immediately wrapped his one leg around Jared’s waist, and then the other at Jared’s encouraging noise, and thank Jesus that Jared could press two hundred pounds, because he had Jensen flat against the wall.

“See,” Jared said, so out of breath that it sounded painful for Jensen to even hear. “Such a whore for my cock.”

“You wish,” Jensen said, slurred by the lag between his head and his mouth.

“I know,” Jared said, and he didn’t even wait before he slid his hands to Jensen’s ass, edging Jensen’s jeans down over the curve of Jensen’s ass. The last shot was hitting Jensen so hard, he couldn’t think anything past oh fuck, so good, and even though it made things harder for Jared, he tightened his legs and rode out the friction, moaning lowly at how it felt. There was someone looking at him, some girl with fake tits and a knowing smirk. It only made Jensen harder.

“Down,” Jared said, letting Jensen’s left leg drop to the floor. “I can’t fuck you open like Jthis.”

“Okay, okay,” Jensen said, and he dropped his other leg too, letting it thump on the floor, and Jared was quick, faster than he should be when he was so fucking drunk, and Jensen’s belt pinged against the floor. Jensen was sure someone would come and force them to leave, some testosterone-laden bouncer, but the only one who was watching was the big-breasted girl, and considering where her hand was, she wasn’t very offended by the show.

Jensen barely stepped out of his jeans before he tucked his leg around the groove of Jared’s hip, and Jared took the hint and pulled Jensen’s other leg up around his waist, so Jensen was once again fully off the ground and grinding against the bulge in Jared’s pants.

“C’mon, c’mon,” Jensen said, throwing his head so far back against the wall that he knew he’d have a goose egg come morning. “Want you in me. Want to feel you so deep that I don’t forget this tomorrow.”

“You won’t,” Jared promised. “Oh, you’ll definitely know just what I did to you tomorrow, even though your hangover. You’ll feel me. My jizz will still be dripping out of you when you wake up.”

“Oh, please, God, Jesus,” Jensen said, tightening his thighs.

Before he could even acknowledge anything besides the tight friction against his aching dick, Jared’s fingers were at his mouth. Jensen couldn’t do anything but the obvious, opening his mouth and sucking Jared’s fingers into his mouth.

It wasn’t enough, not nearly, when Jared pulled his fingers out, making a dirty sucking sound, and Jensen moaned at the loss. Jared didn’t keep him deprived for long. It took some hasty maneuvering and Jensen almost fell, held up at the last minute by Jared’s weight, but he could feel the press of Jared’s fingers, circling Jensen’s asshole with his spit-slick fingers.

Jensen moaned wantonly, letting his gaze slip for just a second to the girl who was still watching them, furiously fingering her pussy, though all Jensen could see was the movement of her hand underneath the shield of her jeans. It made things about a million times hotter, and Jensen couldn’t stop his moan.

Jared took it as encouragement, pressing his fingers into Jensen, two at a time even though it was too much. Jensen didn’t care. He wasn’t sober enough to feel the sting, and the only thing he knew was that Jared’s dick would feel glorious, big and curving and just right. With a surprising lack of coordination, he seized Jared’s face and kissed him, slow and wet, barely missing his mouth at first before he found his mark. Jared took it as the encouragement it was, thrusting his fingers, pressing himself tightly against Jensen.

“Yes, fuck, yes,” Jensen said.

“Gonna get you off on my cock,” Jared said. “Right here, in front of everyone. On my cock and nothing else. You’ll come all over yourself and you’ll like it.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, make me come, Jared,” Jensen encouraged. “I’ll love it. I swear.”

“You’ll moan for it,” Jared said, his voice so lust-thick that Jensen almost couldn’t understand it. “You want me right now.”

“Yes,” Jensen hissed, and Jared added another finger, dry but it was still good, so good.

“Stop fingering me,” Jensen gasped, even though he knew he wasn’t fucking ready. “Not a fucking girl. Just fuck me. Wanna come.”

Jared didn’t need the encouragement. For a moment, Jensen didn’t know what was going on, Jared’s hand suddenly gone from Jensen’s hip just as Jared’s fingers were pulled cleanly from his ass, but then he could feel the blunt head of Jared’s dick against the pucker off his asshole and he couldn’t help but moan.

“Jesus, fuck, stop teasing,” Jensen said, but he couldn’t even get it out before Jared was pushing in, just fucking pushing into him against the club wall.

Jensen loved it.

Jared didn’t give him a chance to acclimate, didn’t even care that Jensen wasn’t nearly prepped enough. He just started thrusting, pushing against Jensen so hard that his head thumped against the wall. It felt fucking excellent.

“Yes, yes, fuck, fuck,” Jensen moaned, too loud through his buzz.

“Take it,” Jared encouraged. “Don’t stop.”

“Love your cock,” Jensen said, all inhibitions gone thanks to the alcohol.

“Know you are,” Jared said, and he was still thrusting. It wasn’t the best angle, perhaps, but Jensen still felt it deep enough.

“Not gonna last,” Jared moaned, biting at the sensitive skin on Jensen’s neck. “Too fucking drunk.”

“Give it to me,” Jensen said, using what little leverage he had to thrust into Jared. “Fuck me hard, baby.”

“I will,” Jared promised, and then he was shoving into Jensen so hard that Jensen was feeling the impact of the wall with every thrust.

It shouldn’t have been so easy, but Jared has always been Jensen’s weak spot. He couldn’t even voice a warning, didn’t have the chance to get his hand on his cock, before he was coming on Jared’s hard-on, gasping so hard, moaning at the top of his lungs. He was surprised that the entire club didn’t stop their dancing to watch the free show.

Jared was spurred on by the clench of Jensen’s asshole around his cock, mouthing filth into the spit-wet skin of Jensen’s neck. “Feel so good, around me,” Jared was saying, and Jensen didn’t really know what he was saying. “Gonna come, gonna fucking come right in your ass.”

“You gotta, need it,” Jensen said, still coming down from his orgasm high, and the words weren’t even out before Jared was groaning, spilling into Jensen’s ass, wet and just what Jensen needed.

It took several minutes before Jensen could let his legs fall down, his knees shaking, only staying upright from the press of Jared holding him against the wall. He could feel Jared’s come sliding thickly out of his ass, the hot slide so good and perfect and right.

The girl was still watching them, sucking her pussy juice from her fingers, and Jensen couldn’t help but slide his own hand through the mess between his thighs and bring it to his lips. Jared smiled, and the girl did too, and Jensen was positive that when he woke up in the morning, he’d be walking so bow-legged that everyone he saw would know he got ass-fucked good and hard the night before, and he loved it.


I love any sort of comments! Also, I will fix any typos/problems tomorrow when I sober up and read what the fuck I just wrote. I apologize in advance because I know there will be tense problems!! Just an exercise in writing while intoxicated!! ;)
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