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Just got to watch the Supernatural finale last night because I was traveling on business when it aired (and believe me, being on a plane after no sleep knowing that you're missing the finale of your favorite show is no picnic). Went to Germany--which was awesome, awesome, awesome--but it was hard to stay offline away from spoilers yesterday!

Anyways, I thought the finale was absolutely brilliant. My friend and I Skyped while we watched it, and it was great to squee with her, and she was a sport for waiting to watch it with me!

Ben and Lisa are gone for good (yay!) but poor Dean :( Practically broke my heart. The HP Lovecraft thing was a little out of left field, but I liked 6.21-- lots of action and Sam being pretty, and Dean being morally ambiguous.

AND OMG, THE SAMS IN SAM'S HEAD. SO. GOOD. Jared was absolutely AWESOME. The Hell!Sam and soulless!Sam and how he woke up and struggled to get to Dean even though he remembered hell, omg, Sammy, my baby :(

I knew that Cas was going to break Sam's wall as soon as I read the episode synopsis for the finale, but I had been hoping that it wasn't true. I've always liked Cas--albeit less than SamnDean--and I wasn't very happy with him AT ALL. I'm digging evil!Cas's kind of an awesome twist that I wasn't expecting at the beginning of this season!

So yeah! Finale = awesome even if it wasn't as twisty and blow-away-ey as last year's and Sam is still MY NUMBER ONE SMOOSHY FACE. Excited for Season 7 and the start of Big Bang season!

Speaking of which, my computer was raptured last night right after I finished the finale, and the Apple Store better fix it because my H/D Big Bang isn't fully backed up on that sucker!
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